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	 Seven years ago I started this project - an effort to collect
       stories, memories, photos, etc. about Holly Grove, Arkansas.  
       My ancestors were some of the earliest settlers in Monroe County.
       Consequently several generations of my family grew up there.  I 
       spent my childhood visiting my grandparents there.  I have such 
       fond memories of the town and felt that Holly Grove, like so many
       other small Arkansas towns, deserved to be memorialized.  
         When I started the project, I was not working and had a lot of
       time on my hands and therefore had all the time in the world to 
       work on the project.  In recent years, that free time has 
       dwindled to very little free time at all.  There are currently
       things happening in my life that make it impossible for me to
       continue to do this.  And so, I regretfully will no longer be 
       hosting the site.  I'm hoping to be able to turn everything 
       over to someone else so that the site continues. 
          I would like to keep the message board up and running so 
       that people can continue to find and connect with old friends and 
       family. And I will post updates on the future of the site there.
         This project was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done.
       I've met and reconnected with so many wonderful people. I want to
       thank all those who have contributed and participated - it has been
       an honor and a privelege to meet and work with all of you.  And I
       hope the standing site will continue to help families and friends

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